Friday, June 19, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Fourty Eight)

Day Forty Eight's Consumption

June 17, 2009.

Spring Omelet
w/ Baby Spinach & Cheddar
side of rubykraut

Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt
w/ honey
Lots of Strawberries
Kraut salad
w/ New Leaf Farm Mesculin
Olivia's Cherrry Tomatoes
Easter Egg Radish
Monterey Jack Cheese

Fish Fry
w/ Collards, Shallots and leftover Haddock

Maple Goat Milk Ice Cream
w/ fresh strawberries on top

Today was a beautiful day with temperatures reaching the high 70's... it started as a typical work day with a nice little 2 egg omelet to get things started. I ended up finishing with work a bit early so I decided today would be a perfect day to bolt over to the Monument Square farmers market to pick up some seedlings for our newly acquired community garden plot on Valley St. Its a long story as to how I was blessed with the space but short story is Im being the caretaker of it till the owner moves back to Portland. As I rolled into the market with trailer in tow...I observed the typical bubbling of musicians and shoppers... the market consisted of lots of greens; from kale to collards to lettuces of many varieties...and then out of the corner of my eye i spotted them "STRAWBERRIES !" I was instantly attracted to the plump juicy sugar cubes of summer otherwise known as the strawberry... it was then that I started to draw back and ask myself, hmmmm I wonder how many quarts Cassi had already brought home this morning...and then I decided she probably went overboard and I better hold off... back to the task at hand, seedlings !
I wandered over to see Richard at the Rippling Waters stand and proceded to gather all those things I wished I could grow o my roof but couldnt due to growing habits and container restrictions... I got a whole heap of seedlings; sugar baby watermelons, acorn squash, zebra zucchini, marketmore cukes, and a couple of varieties of kale. From there it was off to the plot. I spent a few hours organizing some sporadic seedlings the previous caretaker had dropped in...mostly cayenne peppers and a couple of eggplants... unfortunately all the moist weather had the slugs feasting on most of the eggplants so they were not very salvageable. I decided to pull up the peppers and hand till the 12" x 8" plot... I raked out some remaining rocks and pulled up the creeping strawberry plants that were popping up here and there from a previous owners plot. I rowed up the remaining soil and proceeded to layout what I hope is the start of a productive plot. Tired and dirty from working hard in the miday sun, I pedaled over to see Cassi and tell her the progress I had well as picking up the 4qts of plump strawberries she had purchased earlier as well as a handful of other goods. From there it was back to the rooftop garden to water and trim...whipped up a couple salads and some fish fry with leftovers. We finished off the long productive day with a bowl of Maple Ice Cream covered in fresh sliced strawberries and episode of the Daily Show on Hulu. Perfect ending !

Transportation today included 22 miles of commuting to work... followed by 10 miles of towing things back and fourth from market to community plot.

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