Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Forty Seven)

Day Forty Seven's Consumption

June 16, 2009.

Spring Omelet
w/ Baby Spinach & Cheddar
side of rubykraut

Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt
w/ honey

Baked Haddock
w/ Roasted Asparagus
Side of Mashed Great White Heirloom Taters
w/ goat cheese & rosemary
glass of Sweetgrass Apple Wine
& Sweetgrass Blueberry Beaujolais

Baked Cortland Apples
w/ oats and honey
Topped w/
Blueberry Butter & Maple Ice Cream
glass of Blueberry Smash

Today was another early dinner with Cassi pulling another double... Lois my boss and owner of Lois' Natural took a road trip up to Sweetgrass Winery & Distillery in Unity this past weekend and brought back many things I had request... these things were the highlight of the day ! I had no choice but to make a rather elegant dinner to accompany the vast assortment of wines. The apple wine was crisp and clean but definitely a wine rather than a cider which was a positive for me... the Blueberry Beaujolais was very interesting and didn't quite open up the full flavor until I let the glass sit for awhile. It definitely had the light qualities of some of Deboeuf Beaujolais Ive had in the past, but the fact it was made with blueberries leads to a wonderful flavor journey !
As for the Blueberry Smash (Port) was and is just what we needed for dessert. Today I also got loads accomplished on the rooftop deck. Planted and staked a handful of tomatoes and peppers... its starting to come together ! Tomorrow I will take a gander at the new community plot I just got the Ok to start using !

Transportation included 32 miles of commuting via my Surly LHT bicycle, as well as about 6 miles of errands on the Ras Commuter.
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