Monday, June 15, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Forty Four)

Day Forty Four's Consumption

June 13, 2009.

Spring Green Omelet
w/ Spinach, Swiss Chard & Asparagus
w/ Great White Heirloom
Potato Homefries
slice of Volkonbrot

Tomato Basil Open faced
w/ goat mozzarella
on volkonbrot

Steamed Maine Lobster
w/ kraut salad

Today started off with Cassi and I heading down to the Farmers Market... first thing in the morning... at the market we picked up a few pieces of goat mozzarella, & goat milk (both from Tourmaline Farm), basil & cherry tomatoes (from olivias garden), collards and another handful of tomato and pepper plants for the container garden. After making the long ascent back up to our west end abode... we decided it was time for breakfast. I kept it pretty standard but no matter what I add or subtract... it always brings a satisfying smile to both our faces. After breakfast we spent some time planting our recently purchased seedlings into containers as well as taking in the warm sun rays that had escaped us during this rainy week. After a few hours passed...we made a quick lunch with the remains of our Volkonbrot bread from Mother Oven. After lunch I headed over to Percy Cycles to finish my final adjustments on the Surly LHT. Cassi had to work the evening shift and I had dinner plans with my good friend Geofferson or Geo for short. His parents had just bought a house in my neck of the woods and Geo and his lovely wife Hannah were intown visiting from Philadelphia. Geofferson and I are the only two members of Coignizant Sound... ( a reggae soundsystem that sprouted from a weekly gig we did together at Free St. Taverna back in 2003 I believe....? Anyhow, the house was gorgeous...old time Portland west end style with many modern upgrades ! I should also mention that this was the first time i was able to eat something that I had not made myself... this meal was something i was very excited about... Lobster ! I have had lobster meat in a few things but I had never taken the plunge to eat a whole one. It was a wonderful experience... I brought along my infamous "kraut salad" and the whole meal was enjoyed with friendly conversation and a couple bottles of vino. I should also mention the fact that as an added bonus there was a freshly installed ping pong table in the game room/ attic... which I masterfully cleared without any serious challenges...they say they will practice and I long for a game that will leave sweat on my brow !

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