Monday, June 15, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Forty Five)

Day Forty Five's Consumption

June 14, 2009.

Spring Green Omelet
w/ Red Russian Kale, Spinach
cheddar & chevre
Great White Heirloom Homefries
w/ red onion

Kraut Salad
Steamed Lobster
w/Collard Greens
sauteed w/ red onion & haddock
glass of Honeymaker Semi-Sweet Mead

Baked Cortland Apples
w/ oats, blueberries & cranberries
topped w/ maple goat milk
ice cream

So after coming home from the lobster dinner with Geofferson's family I couldn't stop telling Cassi about how much I enjoyed the lobster. She was glad I liked it but obviously a little disappointing she had to work for it. I instantly said that to make up for it we could have our own lobster bake. So after a hearty breakfast that left both of us stuffed... Cassi was off to work a short 4 hour shift... I was off to get a couple more rounds of ping-pong in before Geofferson and Hannah headed back to Philly. After several futile attempts to reclaim some dignity at the ping-pong turned into a friendly volley before Geo had to head out. I also decided to put the paddle down and to continue a rainy bike ride around the peninsula...filling my panniers with a delectable dinner... (2) 1 1/4 lb lobsters, 1 bottle of honeymaker semi-sweet mead, 3 cortland apples from ricker hill and a tub of smiling hill farm butter. Upon returning home I prepped the apples and baked them for later that evening. Then dinner was on and it was as good as I remembered the previous nights to be. I dove in, eating the tamale and all... Being a longtime vegetarian and even dabbling as a vegan for a year here and there... I thought it might be difficult to put a flopping lobster into a steam bath... but after last night i found it not as difficult as imagined.... needless to say, Lobster bakes are gonna be a frequent occasion at our household!

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