Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Twenty Six)

Day Twenty Six's Consumption

May 26, 2009.

Rough Cut Oats
w/ blueberry butter, cranberries & honey

Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt
w/ honey

Bay Scallops
w/ Asparagus
Blacksmith Hard Cut Cider

Baked Cortland Apples
w/ oats and honey
Topped w/
Blueberry Butter & Maple Ice Cream

Today was the back to work day and it resulted in a tired evening where I found myself very hungry from early on... Planning on having something quick and easy I stopped at Free Range Fish & Lobster on my commute home and picked up a pound of Bay Scallops for $6.99/lb. Seafood definitely makes for a quick and easily satisfying dinner... with the accompaniment of a few glasses of hard cut cider that flowed over into made for an early to bed evening !

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