Monday, May 18, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Seventeen)

Day Seventeen's Consumption

May, 17, 2009.

Spring Green Omelet
w/baby spinach, baby red russian kale
& asparagus
w/raw cheddar & plain goat cheese
Yukon Gold Homefries
Slice of Greek Peasant Bread
cup of apple cider

Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt
w/ honey

Baked Halibut
Braised Baby Spinach & Red Russian Kale

Baked Macintosh Apples
w/honey, blueberries & oats
topped w/ Maple Goat Milk Ice Cream

Today was an average started off with a big breakfast that mirrored the day before. Cassi had to leave for work and I was left to paint...after several hours of painting I decided we were due for some fish in our evening agenda...I hopped on my bike and took the long way around the peninsula...up the eastern prom trail and over to harborfish market. I spent some time browsing the different mussels and clams but didn't quite get up the nerve to purchase any... instead I inquired once again as to what was caught in the Gulf of Maine... after much deliberation I decided to try something new... and the large Halibut Steaks for 8.99/lb looked very satisfying. It was very easy to prepare...20min @ 425*, which was the same temp and time I roasted the asparagus for also...then in our cast iron pan, I sauteed a little bit of the left over baby spinach and kale from breakfast to add a little more variety to the plate. It all came together wonderfully...with a nice bottle of Rough Cut Cider from Blacksmith Winery (one of their only 100% Maine fruit wines...they source the apples from Ricker Hill).

Transportation for the day included 5 miles of errand running on the bike and a 2 mile walk around town with Cassi.

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