Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Eighteen)

Day Eighteen's Consumption

May 18,2009.

French Greek Peasant Toast
w/ blueberries & maple syrup

Plain Sheep's Milk Yogurt
w/ honey

New England Fish Tacos
Mother Oven Pita Bread
stuffed w/ pinto bean dip
halibut, spinach, shallots, tomato
& goat mozzarella
Side of Asparagus

Baked Macintosh Apples
w/honey, blueberries & oats
topped w/ Maple Goat Milk Ice Cream

Today was another occasion where Cassi also had to rise up at 5am and get out the door for work...I decided to take advantage of the situation and use up what was left of our Greek Peasant bread to throw together a breakfast. A couple sparrow farm eggs whipped together with some straw farm raw milk, dunk the the leftover bread and toss on a hot griddle of butter...topped with some blueberries soaked in maple syrup...the result was amazing and the perfect start to our first morning of the work week.... uggh WORK !
After a full day back on the bike, commuting to and from work with only a little snack of yogurt to get me through the day, I was starving upon returning home. Looking at the options in the fridge...I knew that whatever it was it would include the leftover halibut from the evening prior. Thinking about the most filling, quickest source of food...I decided on using the pitas in the cupboard...the beans soaking on the stove top and some various greens from the fridge...after baking them in the oven for a couple minutes to crispen up the pitas we were in business ! Yet another option for a quick easy meal...it seems everyday this "local diet"gets better and easier. We have been playing with the idea of extending this for the year... Ill talk more about it after the upcoming show...for now I need to get back to the canvases !

Transportation today included 29 miles via bicycle.

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