Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day One)

Yesterday was the start of Project Local Rootz and to be honest I was very excited....

Heres my consumption for day one

May 1st,2009.

Two Eggs Sunnyside Up
with a red potato w/chives and a spoonful
of kimchi.

Raw Rutabaga
Slice of Greek Peasant Bread
w/ Apple Butter

Tomato Basil and Goat Cheese on
toasted Greek Peasant Bread

(ingredients in italics are from my rooftop garden)

Everything tasted fantastic...and you may be wondering where i got local tomatoes this time of year. I have decided that Pesticide Free Hydroponics will fit into local. Feel free to ask where anything comes from as listing every little items origin may get redundant and boring...but as a start here are some local producers that I foresee supplying a large amount of my local diet...

*Mother Oven (
*Straw Farm(
*Crown of Maine (
*Olivia's Garden Hydroponics (New Gloucester, ME)

What did I miss today... Coffee , but I will get over it and Im thinking there is a product called Beyond Coffee... need to do some research to see if all the ingredients are sourced from maine farms but that may be a good alternate to the morning beverage..

Overall the day went very well...I did have to avoid some wines @ the First Friday gallery openings which proved easier than suspected...but there are some Maine wines and Meads that will satisfy my needs in the future.

As for transportation today... I biked my average 28 miles today; avergae speed 17.6 mph...
and a 5 plus mile after dinner first friday walk with my lady topped off a great first day !

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