Sunday, May 3, 2009

Project Local Rootz ( Day Two )

Day two was great due to having the day off...started it off with a morning descent to Farmers Market in Deering Oaks. Found some eggs from Sparrow farm, shallots, more fiddleheads as well as a handful of herbs to kick off the rooftop garden and maybe allow me some tea in the near future . I was also very excited to locate some mesculin mix from Laughing Stock Farm
@ the Public Market !
For more info on Hot House methods that produced this mesculin
visit Laughing Stock Farm (

Day Two Consumption

May 2,2009.

Fiddlehead Omelet
w/goat cheese
Yukon Gold Potato
w/ chives
Slice of Greek Peasant bread

Mesculin mix
w/ Tomato & Dulse Seaweed

Shallots, Fiddleheads, Bok Choy
Mashed Yukon Gold Potato
w/ chives & goat cheese

Other preparations made for the rooftop garden included picking up a composting worm bin to help decompose our table scraps more quickly into usable soil/fertilizer.
Worm Tea anyone ?

Transportation included a 2 mile morning walk with the lady as well as a 10 mile bicycle ride around the peninsula on errands.

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