Monday, May 4, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Three)

Day Three Consumption....

May 3, 2009.

Yukon Gold Potato
w/ chives
2 eggs sunnyside down
w/ grated cheddar cheese

Road Snack
Two slices of Greek Peasant Bread
w/ apple butter

w/ bok choy & cheddar
topped with diced tomato
Red Norland Potato

Atlantic Sole w/ lemon thyme
Pinto Bean Dip
Arugula w/ shallots

Day Three was tough due to the fact I was on a 50 mile bike excursion and
my ability to find local food while traveling in uncharted territory would be difficult. It started out with a good morning breakfast followed by a long bike ride
(read more below wells to portland).
The group decided to stop at a little breakfast place around Biddeford where I sat
outside with my apple butter was delicious but not
quite enough to sustain the miles my legs were putting on!
After completing the ride I arrived home to a very hungry stomach.
I proceeded to throw together lunch, which ended up being
breakfast number part 2... partly because it is Cassi (my girlfriend)
and my ritual to enjoy a hearty breakfast together every
Sunday as well as needing nourishment asap and not
wanting to go walking around looking for other ideas.
With lunch complete, I began feeling better and decided today
would be an excellent day to head down to the local fish market and ask some questions.
Off Cassi and I went....down to the Harborfish Market over on the wharf, to sniff out some locally caught fish. After browsing a large selection of Atlantic caught fish,
I decided to check with the employee about where in the Atlantic some of these fish may have been caught. I was pleasantly surprised with their knowledge and they helped me
narrow my selections down to a few fish they knew were caught on "same day return trip"
fishing boats. Apparently those are the fish that are generally caught between 1-30 miles off shore. Sole was the choice cut partly because it is mild and I wasnt really sure how
I was going to prepare it and the other deciding factor was a sale price of 5.99/lb. As he was weighing out our fillets I told them I was a little bummed out
that all the gulf of maine shrimp meat was gone. Boy was I happy to
be shown that they had frozen containers in the freezer ! Score two for the locavores!
After leaving the Market we decided it was time for another bag of kitty litter... and a little poking around to see what we may find for local goods at Whole Foods.
As we entered Whole Foods I was happy to see that they still
had some Ricker Hill Farm products. Cassi and I both oogled over the
1/2 gallon of apple cider and had to use all our willpower not to crack it open and start chugging...but there was more work to be done. In the basket it went. After much inspection there was not much for local produce...with the exception of some crown of maine (COMOC) 5# potatoes tucked away in the corner. A bit depressing but seeing that they ordered from the Crown of Maine I was hoping there would be some local grains and flour in
their bulk section...after searching through the massive wall of bins with no luck. I decided to ask the employee who was there filling the bins... His answer was " Yeah we don't
have much for local grains or flours, but sometimes we will get them
when they are in season." I found that odd because as an employee @ another
"natural" food store I am quite aware that there is local beans, spelt flour, rye flour, cornmeal, whole wheat pastry flour and popcorn available right from a company they already order from. But apparently they are not
as cost effective as many of the 365 items that come from unknown origins.
After that encounter we got our pine kitty litter and cider and made a quick exit...
From there it was straight home with a quick stop into
the Public Market for some more Laughingstock greens, this time it was
a big bag of Arugula to add a little spice to the diet.

Transportation included a recreational 50 miles bicycle ride as well
as a 2 mile walk on errands.

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