Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We did it !

the Happily Married Couple....

What an amazing day....
Weekend for that matter.  An amazing time spent with family and close friends.  The sunshine broke through the lingering clouds in perfect time for Cassi to walk the aisle to the acoustic styles of "Here Comes the Sun".  Clay Hill Farm provided a perfect setting to enjoy our special day ! Everything was perfect from beginning to end and we took it as a wonderful omen to start our journey together as husband and wife.

More to come in the very near future... learn about our amazing honeymoon in midcoast Maine which will include quick reviews on such restaurants as the old & new Miyake, Suzuki, Three Tides, Sheperd's Pie, Primo, Hugo's as well as our experiences visiting some local producers such as Marshal Wharf, Sweetgrass Winery & Distillery, Savage Oaks Vineyard, Glidden Point Oyster Farm as well as an extensive review of Raven's Hill Orchard.

Keep those roots local.... LOCALROOTZ !

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