Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 133 LocalrootZ Project (May 15, 2010)

Plain Smith Farm Yogurt
w/ Honey

I was up early as usual and the cats were starving... so I decided to get a early start by picking up some kitty food and I also swung over to the farmers Market to pick up the food items. We would stroll back through for some other things such as honey and seedlings when Cassi rolled out of bed later on but I did not want to miss out on anything special... and Im glad I went early!

Heres what I scored...

Fishbowl Farm
Baby Beet Bunches
2 Bags Watercress
Bunch of Radishes

Freedom Farm
Baby Bok Choy

Swallowtail Farm
Plain Yogurt
Duck Eggs

I also grabbed some spinach at Rippling Waters as well as some fresh picked rosemary and sage to fill our seasoning jars !

Here is Merrimac inspecting my Farmer market grabs as well as hoping there is some kitty food in the bags too !

Sunny Up Duck Egg
Yukon Homefries
Butter Wilted Greens & Fiddleheads
topped with Fermented Slaw
side of spelt toast

Honey Oat Cookies


  1. is your other cat named monitor?

  2. no actually her name is Irie... Merrimac is named after the river I grew up on and Irie is named after the Jamaican term Irie meaning "everything is gonna be alright" No history references here !


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