Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 106 Project LocalrootZ (April 17,2010)

Swallowtail Farm Plain Yogurt
w/ Honey

After a quick breakfast I was off to the Winter Farmers Market to see what I could find...

 Fishbowl Farm
Bunch of Radish
Bunch of Turnips
Spicy Mesclun Mix
Sweet Mesclun Mix
Bag of Watercress

Swallowtail Farm
Plain Yogurt x 2
Creme Fraiche

Caldwell Farm
1/2 Gallon Raw Milk
1# Raw Butter

I also grabbed another container of Miner's Lettuce (claytonia) from Thirty Acres Farm, a few bags of Swiss Chard from Goransen Farm and 4 cukes from Olivia's Garden.

Whole Wheat Pizza
w/ Spinach and Basil

Apple Crisp

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