Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 103 LocalrootZ Project (April 14,2010)

Plain Smith Farm Yogurt
w/ Honey

Macintosh Apple

Spicy Bean Pizza 
w/ Green Garlic
Wilted Spinach & Swiss Chard
Bang Island Mussels
(harvested in Falmouth 10 miles away)

Today was another great weather day with a chilly start.  I had a shortened day at work due to a class I was giving on "Beginner Container Gardening" at the Nordx branch of Maine Medical in Scarborough.  I think I got the group pretty excited about growing food and tried to encourage them to be creative and not to get discouraged. Im not quite sure they were to much into worm composting... but Ill work on my delivery for next time !   Stay tuned Ill be sharing more of my knowledge and experiences here as the growing season progresses.  Anyhow... at 5am this morning, while I was checking my email/facebook/weather updates, a daily routine in the morning... I noticed Snell Farm had posted a facebook update stating they would be at Monument Square this afternoon !  YEAH... let it begin, the start of the outdoor farmers market season.  I pedaled hard from Scarborough back onto the peninsula trying to pass through Monument Square before the trucks disappeared... and with luck on my side Snells truck was still parked and set up at 1:45pm on Wednesday.  I didn't shop too much but did manage to fulfill my wish of two bunches of green garlic as well as a bunch of scallions... total cost $6.  From there I pedaled through the old port down to the wharf to see what the docks had for dinner.  A bag of mussels that had the harvest location of Falmouth and were dated a day prior... sounded local & fresh to me !  Back on the bike I rode side by side with a portland cop up Congress....and home to start the feast !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 18 miles bicycle

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