Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 074 LocalrootZ Project (March 15, 2010)

Gala Apple

Plain Smith Farm Yogurt
w/ raw honey

Baked Haddock & Wild Mushroom Seafood Stuffing
w/ Roasted Yukon Gold
and Honey Glazed Carrots

Baked Apples and Oats
w/ Honey Ice Cream

a loaf of mother oven spelt bread to start the stuffing
A jar of soaked Chanterelle, Wood Ear & Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Butter simmering leeks, stuttgarter onions and garlic ready for the mushroom stock

Strained mushrooms with broth added to the simmer pot
Mushrooms and clams go in the food processor (our dinner guests are not mushroom fans so Ill hide em this time) 
Puree and add to the simmer pot... then add the loaf of mother oven bread that got toasted in the oven
Layer haddock fillets and cover with seafood stuffing
prepare sides roasted yukon golds, honey roasted baby mokums & purple haze carrots
Dinner is served !

 So Cassi and I made a decision that since Monday usually ends up being our premium dinner night, that we spend the most time preparing... maybe we should start bringing friends over to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Today was the start of this idea and we opted to invite our newly engaged friends  Becky and Doug over.  They are always great company and Doug being a wine expert always pleasantly surprises us with plentiful bottles from his cellar !  Tonight was a perfect meal that made Cassi and I realize how much we love sharing our table with other people.  We capped of the night with a sweet white dessert wine that accompanied a not so delectable dessert... it tasted fine but the batch ended up being a little soupy compared to our usual cream textured ice cream... oh well not every ice cream batch can turn out stellar !

Transportation Today

Work Commute : 18 miles Bicycle


  1. sorry if you've already written about this, but do you find the indoor winter market here in portland is making this project a lot easier for you?

  2. Hi kate, the winter market has helped quite a bit, we love variety ! Whenever we can get our hands on a new ingredient I like to see how creative I can get with it. The market has opened up those options quite a bit especially on the dairy end of things. If we were meat eaters it would even be better because there is a lot of great farms selling quality meat there too. However that being said, there are quite a few different avenues in the greater portland area to get local food even before the market started... they just take a little more preparation and effort; winter cache project, CoMoC Food Co-Op @ Meg Perry Center, Winter farm CSA's etc...
    I have been enjoying writing posts about meals everyday (at least most of the time this weeks been crazy just catchin up now !) but am really looking forward to the end of the year so I can focus less on my daily meals and more on the larger systems of food production in Maine as well as some more in depth stories and links to issues regarding food in Maine. Wooo that was a mouthful :) keep those blueberry files coming !


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