Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 072 LocalrootZ Project (March 13, 2010)

It's Saturday and that means week 4 of the Portland Winter Farmers Market... a nice crowd but it looks like things are settling down a bit compared to the prior weeks.  I have been very impressed with the reliable farmers as well as the products that we have come to expect every week, thank you very much!
Here is what we picked up this week... have quite the cache in our fridge and cupboards so I spent our money accordingly... snatching up some easy stored items to save money down the road !
Here's our selections....
Buckwheat Blossom
Bunch of Leeks
Dozen Pastured Eggs

Swallowtail Farm
Qt of Plain Yogurt
Wedge of Honey Havarti Cheese

Lalibella Farm
2 Tempeh Packages

Tom's Honey
6# Honey Jar
Jar of Whipped Honey

Hahn's End
2 Cheese Wedges
(Ole Shiretown / Carraway Buttercup)

Thirty Acre Farm
Jar of Saukraut

Caldwell Farm
1# Butter

Olivia's Garden
Bag of Arugula

After returning from the market it was off to work in the kitchen....

Breakfast / Lunch
 Sunnyside Up Eggs 
Over Parsnip, Yukon Golds, Garlic & Leeks
Drizzled with Hollandaise sauce
with glass of apple cider

After such a rich and filling breakfast I roasted of a french winter squash I had purchased the prior week at the farmers market... with the flesh cooked tender i scraped it into the food processor and began to puree it with some honey...
and with the knowledge that we had that old whole wheat pie crust in the freezer from November I decided a squash pie would do just fine... Add puree to with two beaten eggs a pinch of salt and a little more whipped honey... pour into crust !
toss it into the oven on 400˚ for 30-40 minutes...


Winter Squash Pie
w/ Honey Ice Cream

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