Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 069 LocalrootZ Project (March 10, 2010)

Gala Apple

Swallowtail Farm Yogurt
w/ raw honey
Grilled Aroostook Wheat Cheese
and then some
Figa Appetizers @ Space Gallery

Tonight was a nice night out !  Cassi was finally feeling a bit better and we had gotten tickets to the Slow Food Writers Night 2010 @ Space Gallery.  We enjoyed ourselves very much and there was plenty of appetizers that had "local" flavors... provided by Figa. Here a glimpse of the menu. I really enjoyed the Wild Mushroom Phylo purses provided by Greg Marley (one of the authors that presented at the event) as well as the apple turnovers with black oxford apples provided by John Bunker.  The event was very inspiring and I really enjoyed John Bunker the most.  I would love to sit on a porch some autumn day and chomp some apples with someone as dedicated to Maine's history & agriculture. 
   Check out his book !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 15 miles Bicycle

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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot you said you were going to be there! I was there too, sorry I missed you. I really enjoyed the goat cheese tarts and the skewers, yum. But my friend and I missed the apple turnovers- noooooooooo. We were so upset, being the food hounds that we are. I really loved the last 2 presenters- made me want to go drink whiskey!


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