Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 045 LocalrootZ Project (February 14, 2010)

 Valentine's Day

Lobster Eggs Benedict
w/ Garlic & Arugula
bottle of Mont Marcal Sparkling Rose
vintage 2005

Homade Stawberry Ice Cream
ontop of a Fudge Brownie
from Aurora Provision's

Today was Valentine's Day and Cassi had to work for the evening so I had the task of making our morning the special part of the day.  What better way to celebrate my love for such a wonderful girl than to make her absolute favorite breakfast... "Lobster Eggs Benedict".  Now Im getting pretty good in the kitchen but I had yet to poach an egg or make hollandaise sauce.  So I looked up a few how to's on you tube and read a few recipes in the cook books I have laying around in the kitchen... planned a point of attack and hopped to it after a early morning bicycle ride around the peninsula, down to the flower shop for a nice bunch of sustainably grown roses... As I rolled back home Cassi was rising out of bed and was greeted with her bouquet and the menu for her breakfast !  Needless to say she woke very quickly with the news and off I went into the kitchen to prepare the feast.  Cassi was quick to help with the more time consuming part such as picking the lobster meat out of the two pounders I picked up off the wharf the prior day.  That's right fresh lobster meat... I don't cut corners on Valentines Day !  We kept it 100% local except for the special bottle of bubbly rose to add color to the table and a little morning buzz... We used Sage toasted Spelt Bread from Mother Oven for the base and fresh local eggs from Sunset Acres, Arugula from Laughingstock Farm and butter from Nezinscott Creamery .  The hollandasie came out wonderfully... whisked over a pot of simmering water... the poached eggs came out tasty but the white never enveloped the yolk... I used cider vinegar in the simmered water that I heated to 180˚ and I also whisked the water before I slowly added the eggs, but in hind site I think I got the water moving a little faster than chef Ramsey had advised... oh well they tasted delicate and perfect, they  just didn't look as wonderful as I had hoped... Im gonna start practicing every morning next week and learn how to master the technique for next time.
For the evening agenda...with Cassi having a long night of working hard, I wanted to satisfy her constantly suppressed craveings for chocolate. Seeing as it was Valentines Day I thought a nice cheat from the local diet would be a luscious fudge brownie, homemade by our favorite local delicatessen, Aurora Proviosion's, would fit the bill.  Topped with some 100% local strawberry ice cream and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful day !

Transportation Today
Errands : 3 miles Walking 

5 miles Bicycle

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