Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 039 LocalrootZ Project (February 08, 2010)

Blueberry Pancake
w/ Maple Syrup

Braeburn Apple
Nantes Carrot

Seafood Pesto n' Greens
w/ Spelt Bread 
Eleanor Buttercup & Ash Goat Cheese


Monday Monday... seems like it happens every week !  Back to work but fortunately the great part about Mondays is Cassi and i have plenty of time to eat and cook.  Today i stopped @ Free Range Fish on the my bicycle trip home from work and picked up a few haddock fillets with the only idea in my hed was to stir fry it with some greens.  When I returned home I realized we had a nice handful of Maine Shrimp left over from Sundays pizza so I made quick work of what I had and threw together a wonderful meal.   The addition of the "pesto" I use this term loosely considering it is just pureed basil mixed with a dash of seaweed and a smidgen of Sunflower Oil.  The end result turned out nice and it makes for a wonderful addition to numerous dishes !  After dinner Cassi and I took a nice walk down to Leroux Kitchen in order to burn up some tax $$ on some new items for the kitchen... what fun we had in a big empty kitchen store shopping for an hour or so.... stay tuned and you will see some of the new dishes and toys we got in our shopping spree !

  Transportation Today
Work Commute : 15 miles Bicycle
Errands : 6 miles Walking 

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