Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 036 LocalrootZ Project (February 05, 2010)

Gala Apple

Smiling Hill Farm Plain Yogurt
w/ Raw Honey

Leftover Haddock n Stuffing
w/ Winter Green & Carrot Sautee



Oatmeal Cookies

Let there be GREENS !  I have to thank Jamie & Andy of Lalibela Farm for grabbing Cassi & I some greens (Red Russian Kale, Curly Kale & Spinach) from Goranson Farm who sell their 4 seasons produce @ the Brunswick Winter Farmers Market...and will soon be @ the Portland Winter Farmers Market coming February 13th !  Greens, Local Tempeh, Mother Oven Bread... I can't wait !  Anyhow we are so appreciative for the recieving some greens a little early because it's been a long 35 days !  They tasted great sauteed with some shredded carrots and a little seaweed butter !

  Transportation Today
Work Commute : 15 miles Bicycle
Errands : 6 miles Walking 

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