Friday, January 29, 2010

Local Food Resources....

Ok so I've been having a few people ask where I get certain things and some people are not convinced that all the foods are 100% Maine Grown.  Well Cassi and I are pretty good detectives as well as foragers.  We tend to find things in nooks and crannies that some people may overlook. We are also pretty adamant about calling the "producers" of the products, to confirm the source of any ingredients that we may question the "local" qualities of.  That usually results in us only buying food at its most basic and preparing things ourselves as you can see in the previous days of this project.  However Maine is a wonderful food state and that is a big part of what this project is about so here are some resources that Cassi and I use quite frequently and what we are currently sourcing from them....

I get alot of my stuff at Lois' Natural in Scarborough

Olivias Garden
(a hydroponic greenhouse located @ Pineland Farms New Gloucester)
Scott Howard is the owner and a downright nice fella.  You can find him at the Portlands Farmer Market every Saturday and Wednesday as well as in many grocers around Maine.
Tomotoes (cocktail & geronimo)
Fresh Basil
Pea Shoots
Sunflower Shoots

(Farm coordinator and delivery resource) 
Founded by Jim Cook and carried on by his hardworking family and friends, Crown of Maine creates a vital link between Southern Maine and the counties up North.   
 Whole Corn
Spelt Flour
Buckwheat Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
Wheat Berries
(Chantenay, Purple Haze, Mokum, Yellowstone)
Red and Chiogga Beets
Nezinscot Raw Butter
(butterball, yukon, goldrush russett, red norland, purple sun, shepody)
Thirty Acre Kimchi & Sauerkraut

Ricker Hill Orchards
(Gala, Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Liberty, Enterprise, Braeburn, Fuji, Cortland etc.)
 Apple Cider Vinegar

Sparrow Farm

and here are some local shops in Portland and what I get there...
.... in the Public Markethouse

JK Horton's
Various Cheeses
(Eleanor Buttercup, Romano, Chevre, Smiling Hill Farm Cheeses etc)

Honeymaker & Napoli Meads
Poverty Hill Cider

Aurora's Provisions
Sunrise Farm Eggs
Nezinscott Butter
Various Cheeses
Various Wines

Whole Foods
Smiling Hill Farm Cream

Other great resources include...


Brunswick Winter Farmer Market

Portland Winter Farmer Market (coming soon)

Rosemont Market (Portland & Yarmouth)

 (also email this address to get a weekly email of winter veggies that periodically get delivered to Deering Oaks & Monument Square !)

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