Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 027 LocalrootZ Project (January 27, 2010)

Sunflower Sprout Omelet
Slice of Spelt Bread  

Townhouse Farm Plain MooGurt
w/ Raw Honey
Macintosh Apple

Stewed Tomatoes w/ Basil
over Fresh Day Boat Scallops
Garlic Spelt Bread

Here's how it went down...
Start with mashing up some tomatoes and simmering for about 1hour... slowly adding in basil, garlic and onions ( I always roast them first)
then its over to the scallops.... real quick 1-3 minutes over oil and shallots....
Sauce is getting close...
Okay now add them together... with a little fresh basil on top


Cassi is ready to EAT !

A great light and refreshing meal.

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 18 miles Bicycle

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