Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 001 LocalrootZ Project (January 1st, 2010)

Baby Kale, Redwing Onion Omelet
w/ gouda & goat cheese
side of Red Norland & German Butterball Homefries

(see pictured below)
Roasted Red Beets & Parsnips
Wheat Berry Salad w/ Delicata Squash

Semi Dry Poverty Hill Cider

Baked Cranberry Apple w/ Oats
topped w/ Maple Ice Cream

the first day... We live in Maine, we celebrate with a scrumptious lobster dinner.  As for the wheat berry salad on the side, it was my first time cooking with wheat berries and although they take quite a bit of time to cook (hour and a half) they have a texture and flavor that was lacking in our previous local eating endeavor.  I will definitely be posting more recipes with wheat berries as I experiment but here is how this dish come to the table....

Soak 1 cup of wheat berries in 2 cups water for a couple hours...adding water as the berries absorb it.  Bring to a boil / cover / simmer 45 min
Add chopped garlic, onions and sea salt to taste
Simmer for another 30 min
(Keep sampling berries and adding water based on consistency) 
Roast cubed delicata squash  
w/ 1 tbls butter 
Combine Squash and Wheat Berries and let sit
covered for 15 min

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