Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Thirty Three)

Day Thirty Three's Consumption

June 02, 2009.

2 Eggs Sunnyside Down
on a bed of braised
Baby Kale, Frisee & Spinach
w/ ruby kraut

Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt

Mashed Great White Heirloom Potatoes
w/ Rosemary & Savory
Kraut Salad
w/ New Leaf Mesculin, Tomatoes,
Cukes, Rubykraut & sunset acres chevre
Side of Maine Grain Tomato Soup

Bowl of Maple Goat Milk Ice Cream
w/ Blueberry Butter

Today was a thrown together nourishment as quick as possible day... been busy preparing for the upcoming show...and leaving food for the after thought...resulting in different combinations and less time prepping. I am very excited to relax and spend more time on food after the opening... On a positive note the mash potatoes really hit the spot and we can never go wrong with the kraut salad.

Transportation today included 25 miles on the bicycle as well as 2 miles of errand strolling....

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