Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Late June Recipes... Beet N' Green Soup

Being in the midst of a long long stretch of rainy weather has made soup a warm comforting meal. I prepared this soup above on June 23

Beet N' Green Soup
Yellow Eye Beans
Soldier Beans
Kelp Noodles
Split Peas
Red Beets
Kale & Chard Trimmings
Sweet Peas
Sea Salt
Shaker Seasoning Mix

Basically if anyone has never made soup, its very very easy. The hardest part is judging proportions for your much kale vs how much roots vegetables ? How much salt vs seasonings... these are all up to the cook. Im not gonna sit here and tell you to use 3 large beets and four tablespoons of sea salt. My typical soup starts with a pot full of beans and grains...fill with water...a pinch of salt...leave for work...come home 8 hours later and strain... add fresh water and bring to boil...add everything else ! Simmer....

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