Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Twenty Two)

Day Twenty Two's Consumption

May 22, 2009.

French Spelt Toast
w/ blueberry butter & maple syrup

Plain Sheep's Milk Yogurt
w/ honey
Slice of Greek Peasant Bread
w/ apple butter

Maine Shrimp Flip Fry
w/ asparagus, tats soi, shallots,
arugula & wooden trumpet mushrooms
Side of Halloumi Cheese
Glass of Bartlett's Winery Georges White

Baked Cortland Apples
w/ oats and honey
Topped w/
Blueberry Butter & Maple Ice Cream

Today was another hot one...88* was the high and it took its toll on me in my return trip from work...I had a bike loaded with weekend groceries but still decided to take the long way home because I knew Saturday was gonna be a rest day. Upon returning home a bit exhausted, Cassi and I decided we should do some chores for a bit before kicking our feet up in preparation for another busy weekend of planting and painting. She headed to the Eco-Laundry Mat and I was off to return movies to Videoport, purchase some stakes for our tomato plants and also needed to pick up some butter and wine for our evening meal...not to mention dropping some "Local rootZ" flyers around town. Upon returning home with sweat on my brow, I took the initiative and fired up the ole ice cream maker... 2 cups Straw Raw Milk, 1 cup Smiling Hill Cream, 1/2 cup Maple Syrup...churn churn churn my little frozen buddy ! With Cassi returning with baskets of fresh laundered clothing and a tired look in her eye...I decided dinner needed to be quick and easy, with as little time over the hot stove as possible... a quick flip fry is what i called it...because I did more flipping than stirring...all the ingredients came together wonderfully...with a nice side of Halloumi cheese from Townhouse Farm !
Let the weekend begin !

Transportation today included 32 miles of bike commuting as well as a 2 mile walk on errands !

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