Monday, May 11, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Ten)

Day Ten's Consumption

May 10, 2009.

Spring Omelet
w/ asparagus, pea shoots, sorrel
goat cheese & echo farm cheese
Red Norland Hash
w/ shallots, rosemary & chives
side of rubykraut
Cup of Lemon Balm & Mint leaf tea

Smiling Hill Plain Yogurt
w/ honey
Cup of cider


Kraut Salad
w/ New Leaf Mesculin Mix
Olivias Garden Cucumber
& Tomatoes
Pea Shoots, rubykraut
goat cheese

w/ lemon thyme
on a bed of braised
arugula & sorrel
w/lemon verbena
Glass of Bartlett's Coastal Blueberry Wine

Baked Cortland & Macintosh Apples
w/ oats and honey
topped with yogurt

Today was a typical day off with a little work done to open up my painting space. Breakfast is always the highlight of a day off. Especially when we have a lil extra money to try a new cheese in the omelet mix and Sunday was no different. I awoke knowing that before we could have our morning meal I would need to hoof it down to the Public Market and pick up some eggs. After arriving @ the market I couldn't get my eyes off J.K.Hortons "Maine Cheese" section in the cooler. I saw this Echo Farm semi soft cheese that looked appealing... I cant quite remember what it was called because I can recall butchering the name when asking for it. Anyhow it was fantastic addition to the omelet. It had a funky sharp flavor that smoothed itself out very quickly...especially with a lil addition of some plain sunset acres to mellow the arugula & sorrel mixture. If you have yet to try sorrel I would recommend it. Is a leafy green that has a citrus quality almost similar to rhubarb.Lunch consistent of a nice salad that I livened up by adding a bit of rubykraut. It added some good flavor and a wetness similar to dressing. Dinner was pretty straight up and comforting. Having the day off we stopped back in at Harborfish and got a great piece of Haddock to accompany more asparagus and a braised mixture of greens from the fridge that were on their way...add to the mix another bottle of Bartlett's Wine, this time just made with blueberries, we couldn't help but sit and smile at the bountiful food Maine has provided us day in and day out for the last 10 days.

We have already been heavily discussing keeping the project rolling through the year !
I'll keep you updated as always....

Here what sorrel looks like....

Transportation included a 3 mile walk around the peninsula.

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