Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Fifteen)

Day Fifteen's Consumption

May 15, 2009.

Two Eggs Sunnyside down
Yukon Gold Hash
w/ shallots
rubykraut & carrot ginger kraut

Plain Sheep's Milk Yogurt
w/ honey

Tomato Basil Melt
w/ Goat Mozzarella
on Mother Oven Pita Bread
Kraut Salad
w/ New Leaf Mesculin Mix
Olivias Garden Cucumber
& Tomatoes
Pea Shoots, rubykraut
goat cheese.

Baked Macintosh Apples
w/ oats & honey
topped w/
Maple Blueberry Ice Cream

Today was a standard work day...finishing the week off by commuting on my newly constructed Surly touring bike. As for food, all our meals were nourishing and familiar. The big thing for us today was the bread. Going a week without any bread pasta or flour based products definitely turned the cravings on a bit. I was doing some research on making my own sourdough starter again and have plans to create my starter this weekend. The bread situation became so dire that when I saw the Mother Oven Bakery pick-up truck pull into the parking lot at work I pulled out my phone and sent Cassi a text that said... "Mission bread accomplished ! " I grabbed our standard loaf of Greek Peasant Bread and also added some of his new pita pockets to the cupboard...a little reward for not breaking down and eating spoonfuls of flour....the pita pockets made for perfect crusty shell with some fresh Olivia's Basil, Tomatoes as well as a slice of Tourmaline Farms goat mozzarella. mmmmmm. Capping off a long week I opted on going a bit overboard for dessert by baking up a couple apples with oats & honey to scoop the last of our Maple Blueberry Ice cream...time to make some more ice cream !

Transportation today included my 34 miles on the bike. 30 miles on an extended commute to break in the new well a 4 mile bomb around town with Mr. Land.

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