Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bikes as Transportation....

1. Home from another wintry commute

2. the Wintah Beatah in action

3. the Wintah Beatah
* originally Schwinn Woodlands Rigid Mountain*
Painted straight black, Action Riser bars, Deda stem, Deore LX brake levers, V-brakes, standard 165mm Track crank 48t x 15t single speed, Alex DM18 rims, shimano stock hubs, Nokian Mount & Ground Studded tires, Axiom rack, Planet bike fenders.

4. the Skylarker
*originally a Raleigh Capri 10 speed*
Stripped to Steel and custom painted, Brooks B17 saddle, Nitto TT Bars with Brooks bartape, IRO Hubs and deep v rims (handbuilt), 165mm Track Crank 46t x 15t Dura-Ace cog, 1/8" KMC chain

5. the Ras Commuter Fixed Gear
*originally a Spaulding Blade 12 speed*
Custom painted and upgraded with Soma Urban Pursuit Handlebars & Brake Levers, Brooks B66 Saddle, Dia Compe Side Pull Brakes (off a bike found in the dumpster outside portland hall), velocity hubs and deep v rims (handbuilt) , MkS touring pedals....Drivetrain: gear ratio was originally 52t x 15t Dura-Ace cog as pictured but was overhauled this week with a new 170mm Track Crank, 1/8" 48t Chainring and 1/8" Wipperman Chain. Axiom rack, planet bike fenders.

Its a long story as to what brought me to this decision but the end result is I have been car-free since 2007. I have learned that a bicycle is a very sustainable and reliable form of transportation. I am a year round bicycle commuter. My typical commute is 12 miles each way in the good weather months and in the winter wonderland, my route gets tweaked to 8 miles each way. Partly to cut down on my exposure to subzero temps and also because part of my good weather commute takes me along the Eastern Trail "Greenbelt" which is a bike/pedestrian path that connects me from the Casco Bay Bridge to Highland Fields in South Portland. I will post some pics and maps of my daily travels in the future...
I started commuting via bicycle in the time I had difficulties even changing flat tires and adjusting brakes. Today as you can see from the pictures above...I have learned the in and outs with alot of help from Percy Wheeler (, though I am still not an expert, I can build a bike from the ground up...

Some Commuting Statistics for the last year.....

To log your stats visit...

240 days of activity from 4/1/08 to 5/1/09

Recent Days Miles Gallons Dollars Lbs CO2
This Week5 140 5.67 11.79 113.36
Last Week5 140 5.67 11.77 113.36
This Month1 28 1.13 2.36 22.67
Last Month22 616 24.94 51.50 498.79
This Year87 1916 77.57 153.95 1551.42
Last Year153 3314 134.17 428.55 2683.4
Grand Total240 5230 211.74 582.50 4234.82

Also for more info on bike commuting in Portland, ME visit

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